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Rates & Services

Dog Walks

Daily Rate Monthly Rate 1
20 Minutes $15.50 $280
30 Minutes $20.50 $370
45 Minutes $30.50 $550
Extra Dogs 2 $3 per walk $30 per month

1) This rate is for 1 walk a day. Additional daily walks will be billed at the daily rate.
2) Rates are on a per-dog basis. (e.g. 2 extra dogs would be $6 per walk for daily clients)

There is no commitment requirement for monthly clients. In the event you will not be utilizing the dog walks, other services can be substituted at no cost. Please visit our FAQ for more details.

Available Time Frames
Wake Up 3 8am - 10am
Morning 10am - 12pm
Mid-Day 12pm - 3pm
Afternoon 3pm - 5pm
Dinner 3 After 5pm

3) These walks are considered outside of business hours. Please see the Fees & Holidays section for more information.


Monthly Clients All Other Clients
Overnight Stays $60 $75

Overnight hours are from 8pm until 7am. Consecutive overnight stays come with one (1) free walk *.
*Free Walk Example: If you are scheduled for overnights from Friday night until Monday morning. Your free walk will occur on Saturday and Sunday during the day.

Cat & Small Animal Care

Service Rate
20 Minute Cat Care $15
30 Minute Cat Care $20
Small Animal Care Rate Varies 4

4) As care for small animals can vary from pet to pet, please contact us with what services you need so we can get you a price quote.


Cancellation Policy

The client may cancel their scheduled services at any time, though late cancellation fees will occur in the following cases:


Fees & Holidays


We assess fees for certain situations including late cancellations and after hours visits.

If a holiday occurs on a weekend, only the holiday fee will be assessed


The following days are designated as holidays:

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